Adanac® Ultra™ Roll Rubber Flooring

Professionally installed rubber flooring for fitness performance.

Durability. Intensity.

There is no limit to what players, competitors and active bodies will do to achieve optimal training and fitness goals. Adanac Ultra rubber flooring supports the toughest, most rigorous training – trial after trial, set after set, rep after rep.  It is built to sustain moderate to vigorous movement beyond the regular day-to-day limits of standard flooring, and is professionally installed across large spaces for fitness performance by our qualified team of experts.

Endurance. No limitations.

Adanac Ultra is made for mileage and endures the test of distance and time. Like its origins – the rubber tire – it can handle long distances and frequent activity of runners, cardio equipment, spin classes, hallways, corridors, warm-up areas, yoga studios, gymnastics floors and locker rooms; essentially, it is a high-endurance surface that bears any form of mileage or movement.

Protection. Easy on the body.

Training for athletic performance can take a toll on the body, which is why athletes and fitness enthusiasts wear specialized footwear, along with essential protective equipment and appropriate gear. When training on Adanac Ultra rubber flooring, athletes can think of the surface as an extension of their protective gear, preventing and reducing injuries to bones, joints, ligaments and tendons with its unique polymeric composition that provides comfort, resiliency and shock absorption. Adanac Ultra is also slip resistant on wet or dry surfaces.

Appearance. Making a statement.

Beyond the safety, endurance and durability of Adanac Ultra rubber flooring lies the esthetic appearance which offers a variety of colours, styles and customizable options that make a statement to motivate those who visit your facility. While Adanac Ultra is as pleasing to the eye as it is reliable for performance, it maintains its purpose as a non-disruptive, functionality-first, noise-free product.


Forward-thinking. Environmentally fit.


Essentially, the entire concept of Adanac Rubber Flooring is about saving our communities from old used rubber tires that would otherwise be soaked up by the environment in landfills. Made with 100% recycled tire rubber and post-industrial EPDM rubber, Ultra is environmentally safe, meeting industry standards to qualify your facility for LEED certification. Manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment and the cleanest materials, it is a safe and environmentally friendly product made to enhance the appearance and functionality of your facility.

Quality Service

Adanac Ultra rubber flooring is professionally installed with a five-year warranty service.