Adanac® Ultra-Link™ Rubber Flooring

Easy-to-install rubber flooring system for multiple solutions.

A flawless fit. Ready for anything.

Adanac Ultra-Link rubber flooring creates a  finish for a variety of multi-purpose facilities that endure demanding performance in sports, recreation, pro-athlete training, fitness, arenas, child care, auto repair, manufacturing and more. Easy to install independently or by our team of experts, this flooring has become a popular, non-permanent solution for any facility that requires a solid base with extra grip, impact protection and long-standing durability. Whatever the need, Ultra-Link is ready for anything and we can customize your design to suit the needs and style of your space.

Just lock it in. That’s commitment.

A flexible product, Adanac Ultra-Link is available as individual interlocking tiles that are fitted with precision for safety, durability and multi-purpose support. Ultra-Link tiles can be laid over any finished or sub-floor and will remain strong and supportive without shifting or unlocking until you choose to lift or remove it.

Forward-thinking. Environmentally fit.


Essentially, the entire concept of Adanac Rubber Flooring is about saving our communities from old used rubber tires that would otherwise be soaked up by the environment in landfills. Made with 100% recycled tire rubber and post-industrial EPDM rubber, Ultra is environmentally safe, meeting industry standards to qualify your facility for LEED certification. Manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment and the cleanest materials, it is a safe and environmentally friendly product made to enhance the appearance and functionality of your facility.