Adanac® Ultra-Pro™ Rubber Flooring

The highest standard in professional rubber flooring solutions.

Enhanced durability.

Pro-athletes wear the highest quality and design in equipment for their
respective sports.

The facility they train in should also be equipped with the best materials and flooring solutions for the highest levels of intensity, speed and endurance. Adanac Ultra-Pro rubber flooring provides optimal durability and resistance for high-performance and professional athlete training facilities. This product is designed specifically as a semi-permanent solution for extreme fitness facilities with floors that are intended to bear the highest levels of intensity, heavy weight drops and other demanding pressures.

Suitable for a range of activities including college, university and high school athletics, pro-level bodybuilding, gymnastics, swimming, military and more, we guarantee a high standard of durability with a 10-year warranty.


Enhanced safety.

Unique to Adanac’s Ultra rubber flooring collection, Ultra-Pro’s waffle-textured bottom layer makes it the safest choice for preventing injuries with maximum shock absorption. The textured bottom also provides an ideal way to hide cables from equipment and resources requiring electrical connectivity.


Applications and Sizing

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Forward-thinking. Environmentally fit.

Essentially, the entire concept of Adanac Rubber Flooring is about saving our communities from old used rubber tires that would otherwise be soaked up by the environment in landfills. Made with 100% recycled tire rubber and post-industrial EPDM rubber. Manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment and the cleanest materials, it is a safe and environmentally friendly product made to enhance the appearance and functionality of your facility.

Adanac Ultra rubber flooring is professionally installed with a 10-year warranty service.