Rubber Garage Flooring – “We could use that …”

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Hello and welcome to our monthly blog. My name is Erik Burden, owner and product specialist. Adanac Rubber is one of Canada’s leading suppliers of high-resiliency sports flooring into sporting facilities, ice arenas, home gyms, athletic training services and many more applications across our great nation.

With our monthly posts, we hope to shed light on our current projects, charity work, trade shows and much more.

Recently, we attended the Oshawa Spring Home Show located at the Tribute Communities Center (formerly the GM Center), in downtown Oshawa, ON. The show consisted of a few dozen local businesses such as landscapers, heating and air conditioning, hot tub and pool suppliers, and a few other different home vendors. The one thing that everyone walking by our booth was able to say was,

 “Oh, rubber flooring, we could use that in our….”

Man on Rubber Garage Flooring

Which leads me to a point I would like to make. Our flooring, though geared towards sports and athletics, does not limit its uses. Athletics are simply the largest market we tend to.

In fact, we have many customers use our flooring products for rubber garage flooring, in their home gyms, children’s recreation areas, outdoor sheds, and even dog kennels. In fact, some people use our flooring in their mobile work spaces, such as work trucks and cube vans.

Simply put, our flooring is a perfect indoor flooring solution for many unique needs around your home. We would be more than happy to meet with you and get your home renovation project started off on the right foot!

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